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2021-22 Administrative Payment

Below is the link for this year’s administrative fee and independent contractor agreement. As those of you know who officiated the fall league, there was no per game assigning fee and going forward there will be no per game assigning fee. The fee for all is $25 which covers the period of November 1 through August 31, 2022.

The reduced fee is a reflection of my enthusiasm for basketball and covers all expenses as it relates to assigning and returns near zero profit to my pocket.

You will be required to sign the contractors agreement before future games can be accepted. Please read the agreement before signing.

Please complete no later than Monday, November 15. After that non-renewed Arbiter accounts will removed for my assigning group (Northeast Ohio Officiating/112436).

If you don’t have an account on the website, I would suggest you create one. You can do that here.

Once you’ve completed the agreement and purchase you’ll be e-mailed a copy of each for your records and tax purposes.